Connor Franta Finally Reveals His Super-Secret Project

Note to Self is slated to be available in hardcover and e-book April 18.

Connor Franta is known for sharing his life online, but the YouTube star and New York Times best-selling author has just revealed he’s been keeping a big secret from his fans.

In a video and social media post on Tuesday, Franta revealed he is releasing a new memoir, Note to Self, in April.

“I’ve been working on this book in secret for over a year now and I genuinely could not be happier with the end result,” Franta tells PEOPLE exclusively about his new work. “From the interiors to the exteriors, it’s the work of art I dreamt of now turned material. I hope its many facets will captivate readers and leave a lasting impression on every one of them”

In the video – which was written and produced by Franta with music and cinematography by Tim Kellner – the social media star confesses that, at times, he can “feel broken.”

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“It could be from my breakup, it could just be from myself, my work, my mental health,” says Franta, whose self-titled YouTube channel has 5.6 million subscribers.

“I’m in the business of public disclosure and yet I keep so much to myself…I’m edited curated, calculated…I think it’s time for me to share what’s on the inside,” he continues. “If my first book, A Work in Progress, was a reflection of my external life so far, then this follow-up is a reflection of my internal life.”

Note to Self is slated to be available in hardcover and e-book April 18.

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