Darva Conger, 35, and Rick Rockwell, 43, were back together again, but only briefly and certainly not locked in a romantic embrace. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of their momentous meeting — which was immediately followed by their on-air wedding — the “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” couple reunited to chat with CNN talk meister Larry King Wednesday night, to chat about their ill-fated game-show wedding that ended in annulment. “You and I are two people who will never mesh,” Conger told Rockwell. “It was a bad TV show. That’s all it was.” Her former husband disagreed. “I thought it was pretty interesting.” He went on to admit that he found her attractive on the show, but that his decision to take her as a bride went “beyond physical. There were other women there I thought very attractive. Darva had a job, an education, a career, I thought (with her there would be) more of a chance of making something gel.” Conger summed up the entire affair by calling her appearance on the show and the acceptance of Rockwell’s proposal “a dumb mistake.”