"Poor unfortunate souls"

Credit: Courtesy Colton Haynes

Halloween isn’t even here yet but we can already declare a winner.

Colton Haynes, best known as Arrow‘s Roy Harper, looked completely unrecognizable in a nearly perfect Ursula costume.

With the aid of some professional silicone rubber makeup, the actor transformed into The Little Mermaid villain – purple skin and all.

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From the animated sea witch’s black tentacles to her dramatic makeup and shocking white hair, Haynes had every detail of the look down. He even showed a little skin, giving a peek at Ursula’s ample bosoms with a faux-nip slip.

The 27-year-old San Andreas star shared photos of his evening out as Ursula on Instagram, Saturday.

“Poor unfortunate souls #Ursula,” he wrote.

In a video, the actor’s fake double chin and beauty mark were still in tact as he munched on sweets with his perfectly manicured red hand.

On Sunday, Haynes shared the aftermath of the epic evening, emerging from his prosthetic body parts in a short clip.

“I woke up like this,” he wrote.

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Haynes isn’t afraid to go all out for the spooky holiday. Last year he also relied on rubber enhancements for his spot-on recreation of Princess Fiona from Shrek.