Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth has attained dual nationality because of the "uncertainty" around the UK's decision to leave the European Union

Colin Firth at 'Sapienza University of Rome'
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Bridget Jones look away: Colin Firth has become Italian!

The Oscar-winning star has obtained dual citizenship in response to the political “uncertainty” in Europe following the British public’s vote to ‘Brexit’ the European Union.

Firth, 56, is eligible through his film producer wife Livia Giuggioli, 48, and will now hold dual nationality —meaning that while he remains the ultimate British gentleman, he will also be able to enjoy a splash of la dolce vita.

Giuggioli is also currently applying for a British passport, while their children Luca, 16, and Matteo, 14, already hold dual citizenship.

“I was married there and had two children born in Rome,” said Firth, the BBC reported.

“We never really thought much about our different passports,” he continued. “But now, with some of the uncertainty around, we thought it sensible that we should all get the same.”

Livia Firth, Carlo Capasa And Caroline Scheufele Host An Intimate Lunch During The 74th Venice Film Festival
Livia Giuggioli and Colin Firth
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The Italian interior ministry confirmed to the BBC that Firth had been granted a passport, saying “The very famous actor, who won an Oscar for the film The King’s Speech, is married to a citizen from our country and has often declared his love for our land.”

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Fans shouldn’t expect Firth to loosen his stiff upper lip just yet.

The actor — currently appearing as gentleman spy in Kingsman: The Golden Circle — will continue to base his career in the U.K. and remain as British as warm beer and rainy weekends. It is simply that being married to an Italian has made him fall in love in ways he never expected.

“I will always be extremely British (you only have to look at or listen to me),” he said. “Britain is our home and we love it here.”

“Anyone will tell you when you marry an Italian you don’t just marry one person; you marry a family and perhaps an entire country,” he added. “Like almost everybody I have a passionate love of Italy and joining my wife and kids in being dual citizens will be a huge privilege.”

Listen closely and you might be able to hear Bridget Jones swooning at that sentiment (again).