The Alexander star is being treated for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication


Colin Farrell has entered an undisclosed treatment facility for exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication related to a back injury, his publicist says.

“We ask that the press respect the privacy of Mr. Farrell and his family,” the rep, Danica Smith, said in a written statement provided to the Associated Press. “No other comments (are) to be made at this time,” Smith added.

The Dublin-born actor, 29 – whose latest movie, A New World opens on Christmas Day – has established a reputation for hell raising. Earlier this year, when asked about London nightlife at that city’s premiere of Alexander (which ultimately proved a critical and commercial disappointment), Farrell told PEOPLE: “I love it … the bars, the restaurants, the clubs – loads to do. I was here for two months doing Alexander, and we didn’t really leave the hotel bar.”

Describing Farrell, Alexander costar Val Kilmer said: “He’s a lot of fun. … I’m still hurting from last night in Madrid. And I like Madrid! But I don’t remember any of it. He has this amazing power.”

This summer, Farrell sued former girlfriend Nicole Narain, a Playboy Playmate, for allegedly trying to sell a tape of them having sex. A Los Angeles judge subsequently granted a restraining order banning her from placing the video on the market.

Farrell, who has a 2-year-old son, stars in the upcoming widescreen version of ’80s TV favorite Miami Vice, in which he plays Sonny Crockett, opposite Ray Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx’s Tubbs.