It’s been an exciting day for 8-year-old Alissa Sizemore.

The young girl, who lost part of her leg in May when she ran into the path of a delivery truck while playing outside with friends, got to perform a dance routine on the Today show Tuesday to Colbie Caillat’s hit song “Try.”

After finishing her routine, Caillat came out to greet the little ballerina. The singer congratulated her on a beautiful performance, gave her flowers and even invited her to a concert.

“That was so lovely. Thank you for dancing to my song. You really are an inspiration to so many people,” Caillat said.

“Thank you for giving it to me,” the young girl replied.

Sizemore recently gained attention after a video of her dancing to Caillat’s song at a recital in her hometown of Utah went viral. Halfway through the performance, she took off her prosthetic and continued dancing.

In April, she told PEOPLE, “Dancing has been my favorite thing since I was 4. I don’t have part of my leg, but I can’t let that stop me. I still want to dance.”