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July 01, 2014 04:15 PM

Usually, being a member of a band’s fan club gets you a pin – or occasionally, better-than-average tickets.

In this case, it got one woman her family’s home.

Cyndi Crouch is a fan of prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria. One might even go so far as to dub her a “super-fan:” Crouch runs the C&C fan page Cobalt and Calcium. She’s also a mother of four and currently pregnant, which made her debt that much more unsettling. Her home was in danger of being repossessed, and so she turned to the Internet, asking for $3,500 on crowdfunding site GoFundMe.com.

“I wouldn’t even ask for help if I weren’t completely out of options and desperate to keep my kids from having to experience this. All our love in advance for your kindness,” Crouch wrote.

In just five days, Crouch’s goal was met and exceeded: Donations reached $3,781. The kicker? $3,000 came straight from the hirsute men behind Coheed and Cambria. “You have been there for us so long, we deeply appreciate your never ending support,” the band wrote in a message that accompanied their donation.

Cyndi wrote the following message to the band and fans who reached out to help her: “If I live for another hundred years, I will spend them doing exactly what I have been, telling everyone about this band, this community, showing my support in everything they do not only as a band, but as individuals as well.”

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