Spa Day for Mama! Coco Austin Hangs Out in a Hot Tub with Her Dad and Brother

The model also shared a photo that showed off her winged eyeliner and plunging one-piece green and blue bathing suit

Photo: coco austin/Instagram

Coco Austin is rarely without her mini partner-in-crime, 16-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole, but the reality star had a different kind of family day on Monday.

Austin, 38, hit the spa with her father and brother, documenting the entire experience on social media. The wife of rapper Ice T shared photos of the group relaxing in a massage pool.

“Family time at the day spa chilling in the massage pool with my dad,” she captioned a selfie tagged at the SoJo Spa Club in Edgewater, New Jersey. “This is the coolest place.”

The model also shared a photo that showed off her winged eyeliner and plunging one-piece green and blue bathing suit.

“Spa Vibes,” Austin wrote.

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The former Ice Loves Coco star says her life has completely changed since becoming a mother, and she’s happy to shed her wild side.

“I think I’m a better person,” she previously told PEOPLE Now. “It’s weird because I feel like a totally different Coco — a more mature Coco.”

Along with having a fresh new outlook on the person she has become in light of her mini-me daughter, Austin is hoping that as she has evolved, others’ opinions of her have followed suit.

“[Before] I was kind of wild and crazy and didn’t really care about what people think,” she continues. “Now I do care what people think, and I want them to think of me as a better person, not the wild Coco. I want them to see me as the mother Coco, and that I’m a good person at heart.”

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