Illustration By Debra Cartwright
April 16, 2015 04:45 PM

We saw a lot of things at the first weekend of Coachella. Unfortunately, we forgot almost everything immediately after we watched Madonna kiss Drake, which is why we’re keeping better track for weekend No. 2.

If you’re heading to the desert Friday – or following any of the Jenner sisters on Instagram – play along with PEOPLE’s official Coachella scavenger hunt. In honor of the Indio, California, fest that is more about crop tops than, say, gluten, these are the nine things we’re keeping a lookout for this weekend. Check back Monday to see how we did – and if you’re hunting along with us, tag your photos #PeopleAtCoachella (we’re looking at you, Kendall).

Coachella Scavenger Hunt

(Clockwise from top left)
• A complicated braid
• Smuggled selfie stick
• Someone mid-Instagram on the Ferris wheel
• Sunglasses you would frame on your wall
• Hair dyed in a non-rainbow color
• Denim that walks the line between mom jeans and cutoffs
• Food on a stick that should not be food on a stick
• Someone double-fisting green juice like it’s NBD
• Vine-able dance moves when no one is actually performing

What else are you looking out for? Tell us in the comments below!

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