Britney's mom "loves her children and her grandchildren" says her collaborator

By Caris Davis Stephen M. Silverman
October 30, 2007 10:15 AM
Chris Polk/FilmMagic

Lynne Spears’s collaborator on her upcoming memoir says the book will shed new light on the troubled Britney Spears.

“It’s the truth, but it’s based in love,” the Michigan-based Lorilee Craker, co-author of Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, tells her local paper, the Grand Rapids Press.

Craker, 39, considers Lynne, 52, “a mother and a grandmother to her core. She loves her children and her grandchildren [Spears’s sons Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1] with just enormous devotion.”

Spears and Craker’s 200-page memoir is to be published next Mother’s Day by the Nashville-based Christian book publisher, Thomas Nelson. Craker, herself the mother of three, describes it as less a tell-all and more of a mom’s perspective on having a child who is thrust into the public’s eye.

‘A Wonderful Person’

“Lynne, first of all, is a wonderful person. She is one of the kindest, most decent people, and very down-to-earth,” says Craker. “People would be amazed at how normal she is, but she’s living in this sort of surreal life at the same time.”

Craker reportedly speaks to Lynne Spears regularly on the phone, and says, “One thing I do want to make clear is that she’s not a stage mom. People are so accusatory toward her and so judgmental of her, and it just drives me crazy because I know the real her.”

With several parenting books already to her credit, according to her own Web site, Craker has been working on the memoir with Lynne since March and also met with Spears’s daughter Jamie Lynn, 16, who stars on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, reports the Press.

The paper makes no mention of her having met with Britney, 25.