Totally pause and check out this fabulous Clueless photos

By Kelli Bender
Updated July 19, 2015 01:30 PM
Credit: Ron Galella, Ltd/WireImage(2)

Do you think Clueless had some normal red carpet premiere? As if!

Twenty years ago the stars of this totally fabulous California comedy celebrated the release of Clueless with a beach party. On the soft sands of Malibu, Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy and more posed surfside in only the chicest of ’90s fashions.

Okay, so you re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?”

Wrong! This was real life and we have the photos prove it. As a tribute to Clueless‘ two decades of quotable lines and enviable hats, we went in to the archives and crashed its 1995 beach party.

Time for you to totally pause and check it out.

Alicia Silverstone

Cher may be all about the mini, but Alicia knows less isn’t always more.

Brittany Murphy

The late star wasn’t shy about getting her feet wet (or sandy) on the big night.

David Arquette

Looks like Deputy Duty made a wrong turn on his way to Puff Daddy’s white party.

Breckin Meyer and Deborah Kaplan

Did Breckin just use his own clothes for Travis’ wardrobe? Signs point to yes.

Stephen Dorff

“Are you there hair gel? It’s me, Stephen.”

Donald Faison

Murray took Cher’s advice and pulled his pants up for the big day.

Marcia Cross

Before she was desperate housewife, Marcia was a peaceful young woman in high-waisted jeans.

Henry Thomas

E.T. 2: The Existential Twenty-Something

Julie Brown

It’s wouldn’t be a true beach bash, without Cali’s quintessential valley girl.

Jason Richter

Jason was going to bring Willy as his seaside date, but the whale wasn’t free … to hang.

Daisy Fuentes

Remember when MTV VJs were a thing? The ’90s remember.

Stacey Dash

Dion’s shoes were made for walking, just not in sand.

Yasmine Bleeth

You can take the Baywatch star out of the red swimsuit, but you can’t take the red swimsuit out of the woman.

Jenny McCarthy

With Clueless and the start of Singled Out, 1995 was an excellent vintage for pop culture.