April 13, 2004 03:14 PM

George Clooney is not only a bona fide box-office star, but a dutiful son — and, now, a published journalist.

In an article that appeared in Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer, the “Ocean’s 11” leading man asked voters to judge his father, Kentucky Democratic congressional candidate Nick, on his own merits.

Citing a Republican official who predicted that “my father and I will ‘go down with my ship’ — a reference to a film I made called ‘The Perfect Storm,'” George, 42, countered: “I have two quick thoughts. First, it’s probably not the best idea to use an actual event where six fishermen lost their lives as a lighthearted metaphor to hammer away at yours truly.”

The star, making plenty of obvious references to his movie titles, went on to write, “For future insults, let me see if I can help. … ‘Batman’ and his father are gonna be taught ‘The Facts of Life’ about Kentucky politics. ‘The Peacemaker’ and his old man have been campaigning ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ to prove that a deficit that’s ‘Out of Sight’ can hurt your paycheck. ‘O Brother,’ next they’ll tell us that it would be ‘Intolerable Cruelty’ to send patients away if they can’t afford services in the ‘ER.'”

Nick Clooney, 70, a former Cincinnati TV newscaster and host of American Movie Classics (and brother to late singing legend Rosemary Clooney), is running for the 4th District congressional seat. He is the only Democrat in the race.

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