The British star says, "I so value what I've got at home with my wife and kids"

By Marla Lehner
August 11, 2007 12:00 PM

Clive Owen can boast plenty of beautiful costars – from Angelina Jolie in Beyond Borders, Julia Roberts in Closer and Jennifer Aniston in Derailed to Monica Bellucci in the upcoming Shoot ‘Em Up – but the married star says he’d never have an affair with a costar.

“I so value what I’ve got at home with my wife and kids that I’ve never f—-ed with that,” Owen, 42, tells Playboy in its September issue. “For me, that’s what it’s about.”

Owen – who has two daughters, Hannah and Eve, with wife Sarah-Jane Fenton – adds: “I’ve had some great times with actresses, but that’s in a movie. It’s a fun thing to do, but it’s not love. So I never have a problem with that.”

When it comes to making love onscreen, “Even sex scenes are very straightforward,” he says. “You’ve got things to accomplish, work to do. I find the thing to do in those situations is to just keep the atmosphere as light as possible.”

Not that his don’t-bed-the-costar rule was always in effect: the Briton says that the first girl to win his heart was “a very lovely, beautiful girl, a local girl” with whom he acted at age 17.

He also met his wife while working with her onstage. “[She] was playing Juliet to my Romeo,” in a touring production of Shakespearean plays.

Despite being called sexy by several past costars, including Jolie and Eva Mendes, the star says he has no problem with monogamy.

“My relationship is everything to me,” he says. “I’m often doing incredibly exciting plays and films, but that would mean nothing if I were floating around and didn’t have a solid family behind me. Sarah-Jane is an absolute diamond.”

As for his career, Owen – who was strongly rumored to be the new James Bond until the producers plucked Daniel Craig from the race – says he loves playing bad guys and characters with flaws.

“The worst piece of advice I’ve gotten in my whole career is from somebody who said, ‘Remember, it’s all about likeability.’ A number of times since then I’ve thought, What a pile of bulls—.”