Keira Knightley and Chris Pine show that being married to a secret agent isn't easy in sneak peek at Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

By Kelli Bender
January 08, 2014 10:00 AM

Chris Pine is trading spaceships for sharp suits, taking on the role of Tom Clancy‘s Jack Ryan in the new thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

The film hits theaters on January 17th, but we have an exclusive first look at co-stars Pine and Keira Knightley, secret agent and wife, bickering in front of a baffled Kevin Costner. But instead of fighting about dirty dishes, this couple has geo-politics and CIA secrets on their minds.

Pine is the latest in long line of young studs to portray Jack Ryan on the big screen. A few of our favorite Jack-Ryan-secret-agent-man moments below:

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