Hillary Clinton works hard for the money, so you better treat her right, according to one Delaware senator
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Supporters of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are showing their team spirit ahead of Tuesday night’s “Acela Primary,” the nickname for the critical contests in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island.

One enthusiastic mom of eight from Pennsylvania painted her home red, white, and blue to drum up support for Trump, whom she says voters must rally behind now to ensure a Trump victory in November.

“I’m a strong Trump supporter,” Leslie Rossi tells WTAE Pittsburgh. “It means a lot to me that people are aware and start paying attention to who they’re voting for. Although I support Trump and it’s going to have Trump signs on it, it’s more about awareness.”

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic Sen. Tom Carper raised awareness for Hillary Clinton – and Donna Summer – by leading supporters at a rally in Wilmington, Delaware, Monday night in an awkward rendition of the singer’s 1983 hit “She Works Hard for the Money.”

“We’re going to channel Donna Summer here for a minute, okay?” said the senior senator from Delaware, beginning the chant: “She works hard for the money. We’re going to say it together. She works hard for the money, so we better all right, let’s do it. Tomorrow, we’re going to treat her right tomorrow.”

Despite a lackluster response from the crowd, Carper continued, “Yes, are we going to treat her right on Election Day in November? And you know what, if she’s elected and I think she will be, she will treat this country right.”

According to some ardent Sanders supporters, that’s not going to happen.

In a new video from CollegeHumor, students struggle through convoluted “Bernie Math” to prove that the Vermont senator can still win enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

“Here’s the problem I’m struggling with,” one student says to another in the spoof clip. “Hillary Clinton currently has 1,930 delegates. Bernie Sanders currently has 1,189 delegates. Explain how Bernie Sanders is actually winning like the Internet says he is.”

“Momentum points,” birds for Bernie and “lamestream media” blackouts all factor in to “mask a hard mathematical truth” that some Sanders supporters just can’t seem to digest.

When the numbers still don’t add up for Student #1, Student #2 tries this bit of logic: “Could it be that you’re a f—— Hillary supporter who thinks she’s entitled to the presidency?”

After Tuesday night’s primaries it’ll be time for a new tally – just don’t forget to subtract and then re-add the super delegates!