The former president gives the Late Show host My Life for Dave's son, Harry

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated August 04, 2004 08:00 AM

Bill Clinton kept up his strenuous book-signing routine Tuesday, topping it off by autographing a copy of his hefty My Life for David Letterman’s infant son Harry while appearing on Late Show.

In his inscription, which he read aloud on the air, the former president wished Harry (whose mother is Dave’s girlfriend Regina Lasko) a happy 9-month birthday and added: “With luck, you will finish this by your 21st birthday. Meanwhile, carry it around and build more muscles than your dad has.”

Besides plugging his book, Clinton did a bit of campaigning – for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry.

“Of all the people I dealt with in Congress,” Clinton said in part, “he cared the most about trying to find programs that would keep young, inner-city minority kids out of trouble and out of jail and in school.

“There were no votes in this for John Kerry … He just did it cause he thought it was right.”

Asked by Letterman about what would be the deciding factor in the November race, Clinton replied: “I think the security question is a threshold question. … I believe if the voters can get it fixed in their mind that they can trust Sen. Kerry to fight the war against terror and keep us safe at home, that it’s more likely than not he will win, because after 9/11, the Bush administration went way to the right on domestic policy.”

Clinton’s TV appearance on Tuesday coincided with news that the producers of Saturday Night Live have invited him to host an episode of their show this coming season – though Clinton has yet to accept or decline the offer. His decision should be announced by the end of the week.

No word on what the show’s writers might have in mind for the 42nd president.