The actor and his wife, Dina, have finalized their split
Credit: Joel Ryan/AP

Clint Eastwood is officially divorced.

Clint and Dina Eastwood finalized their split according to papers filed in a Monterey County Superior Court on Monday, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The pair were married in 1996, and have one daughter together, Morgan, 18. The actor has six other children, one of them actor Scott Eastwood.

PEOPLE confirmed their split in August 2013, and the couple had already been living apart for some time.

At the time, Dina Eastwood posted a Tweet that read in part, “Darkness somewhere means light somewhere else #newbeginnings.”

Several sources said the marriage began to suffer when the family started filming a reality show, Mrs. Eastwood and Company, which aired in 2012. The Oscar-winning actor and director was an occasional guest star only.

“Clint was furious about the show,” a source told PEOPLE. “It went against everything he stands for: he’s incredibly private, and she put his kids on TV … It was not a happy time for them.”