Clay Aiken: I'm Not Justin Timberlake

"Know what?" he says, "I'm fine with being kind of vanilla! It s oh-kye!"

Photo: Joan Marcus

There’s an old saying that New York City can be the loneliest place in the world, and one new arrival to the crowded metropolis – Clay Aiken – may just bear that out.

“I almost cried on the first day on my way to rehearsal,” the American Idol favorite, 29, tells New York magazine about starting his new gig in the Broadway musical Spamalot. “I’m here until May 4, and I’ve never lived alone before.”

Asked if his reputation as, well, the kind of kid who’d be the last one picked for the school sports team might hinder his social life, Aiken says, “Let’s not fool ourselves. … There are people like Justin Timberlake, males who are cool on radio right now, and then there’s me. If I heard myself in a dance club? If I went into a dance club – which I never do – and I heard Clay Aiken come on, I’d roll my eyes and get out.”

In his own defense, Aiken adds, “But you know what? I’m fine with being kind of vanilla! It s oh-kye!”

Besides, clubs and bars just aren’t for him. “The only reason people go to bars is to get drunk and have sex. To me, bars are what hell is like.”

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