Plus, the musician says he can relate to Paris Hilton's jail time

By Aixa Velez
Updated August 07, 2007 02:50 PM

Cisco Adler, the lead singer of the band Whitestarr (and Mischa Barton‘s ex), stars in a new VH1 reality series The Rock Life. The musician, who regularly hangs out with the young Hollywood crowd, talked to PEOPLE about expectant mom Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton‘s jail stay and his philosophy on life at Monday’s premiere party at the Rockit Bar and Grill in Chicago.

Have you had dinner here yet?
No, you know I had a huge lunch so I couldn’t eat any dinner. I’m having tequila for dinner.

Was it shocking when you found out Nicole Richie was pregnant or did you personally hear about?
It was surprising but congratulations to them. They’re good people.

Do you believe she’ll be a good mom?
Oh yeah, she’ll be a good mom.

How do you think her boyfriend, Joel Madden, will be about it?
Joel’s a great guy. I think he loves her. I don’t know though I don’t know their relationship that well.

You’re friends with Paris Hilton. After her whole jail experience have you talked to her since then? Is she really that changed person that she claims to be?
Yeah, she said it was a ridiculous life changing experience. That’s all I know. I’ve been to jail for three days so I can imagine 21 is even crazier.

Was it life changing for you as well?
Uh, I knew I was getting out at some point. It was just that county jails are so over packed, it took me three days to get into the system.

So what else have you been up to these days?
Well we’re on tour with ZZ Top, The Pretenders and The Stray Cats right now.

How is that?
Ridiculous. Arenas and amphitheaters. We just did a show with 10,000 [people]. Forget a club, put me in a goddamn arena.

Was there anything that didn’t go right in the new show or something that you were upset about?
No. We made a decision early on to let go. Easy going. Doors are open and f— everyone.

What’s the best thing about being in this business? What keeps you going – what’s your drive?
The next song I write. I wake up every day and write all day long. It’s hopefully a tool so people finally listen to my music and shut up about my personal life.

What else is going on in your life right now?
I want everyone to watch our TV show, and our record comes out in three weeks… It’s called Fillith Tillith – that’s how we live our life. Some people’s glass is half full or half empty. Well, ours is pouring over with life.