Cindy Crawford has spoken out, confirming that she and Revlon have reached the end of the road in their relationship. The supermodel served as the face of the cosmetics company for the past 11 years, but now Revlon, whose financial picture isn’t as rosy red as some of its lipsticks, will not be renewing Crawford’s contract, which expires in February. Revlon president Jeffrey Nugent has been quoted as saying that the company is seeking a new image. “It’s frustrating,” Crawford, 34, tells USA Today. “I agree the advertising needs to be updated — I’ve been saying that for a long time. (But) I feel the baby was thrown out with the bath water.” She added, “I don’t have to be shot with red lipstick on white background. It would have been easy for Revlon to capitalize on my evolution — I’m a mom, I’m married now, my image is a businessperson. They might have used me in a more modern way.”