Cincinnati Parent Defends Mother of 4-Year-Old Who Fell Into Gorilla Enclosure: 'Things Happen'

The mom, whose child attends the daycare Michelle Greggs works at, said Gregg's is a "good woman" and "caring."

Photo: Kim O'Connor

A Cincinnati parent has stood up for much-maligned mother and daycare worker Michelle Gregg, calling her a “good woman” and “really caring.”

“I really feel bad for her and what happened,” the mother – named Airy – tells PEOPLE.

Gregg, her family, and her 4 year-old son Isaiah, garnered national attention after the toddler fell into a gorilla pit at the Cincinnati Zoo over the Memorial Day weekend.

Harambe, a 450-pound silverback, was killed during Isaiah’s rescue, and his death has sparked a national outcry against Gregg and the child’s father. Many have accused the mother of carelessness while others are calling for charges to be pressed against the child’s parents.

Airy, whose child attends Little Blossoms Academy, where Gregg works as site manager, disagrees with the protesters.

“All the negativity I see online – that’s not her,” she said. “She’s not a neglectful woman. She’s caring. It’s not about her not paying attention or not caring. Things happen.”

And Airy is quite comfortable with her kids in Gregg’s care, adding, “She takes good care of my kids. It’s the best daycare I’ve had.”

Michelle Gregg spent Tuesday home caring for her son’s injuries, according to press release issued by Little Blossoms Academy.

A representative for the family told PEOPLE on Tuesday they are “not making any statements, and they don’t anticipate making any statements in the future. They’re just trying to keep their lives as normal as possible.”

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