The CIA Tweeted a hilarious list of reasons to follow its Twitter account
Credit: Greg Mathieson/Mai/Mai/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty

Melissa McCarthy may be the funniest Spy in the country right now but the CIA is giving her a run for her money!

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency drew laughs with its very first Tweet last June (“We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first Tweet”) and now, on its one-year “Twitterversary,” the jokes keep coming.

To celebrate the occasion, the agency came up with this very persuasive list of “five reasons you should follow @CIA.”

5. “The comments. Some of our followers have the most entertaining conspiracy theories on the internet. #aliensinthebasement.”

4. “In our second year we are going to [censored text, #more censored text].”

3. “Who knows, someday we may tweet out the solution to Kryptos… #Twitterversary.”

2. “You’ll learn more about our rich history & ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things. #HISTINT”

And the No. 1 reason … drumroll, please …

Cute cat spies?! That’s reason enough for us.