February 20, 2014 08:00 AM

The Evans family of Holyoke, Mass., has a unique winter tradition: Each year, they create a backyard luge course with the brutal New England snowfall.

Dad Christopher Evans explains: “The track starts on the deck of the house and has three high bank turns. [Of all the courses the family has built] This one is by far the most fun with its wide and high turns. I used a snow blower to start, but it also required a lot of shoveling, shaping and water to ice down the surface.” That process sounds like more work than it took to build Sochi’s hotels, much less its luge courses.

Despite a few crashes, the whole thing looks like entirely more fun than we’ve had all winter. Hats off to you, Evans family, for turning winter-storm lemons into winter-storm lemonade.

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