December 17, 2015 02:50 PM

The reigning family of holiday viral videos is back with another parody ready to drill into your brain and bed down for the winter.

Always camera-ready, The Holderness Family of “#XMAS Jammies” fame, is wreaking holiday havoc with a new clip this year called “#Elfed” (the hashtag is silent).

Set to the tune of Kendrick Lamar’s inspiring hit “i,” this video shows the Holderness clan donning, you guessed it, elf pajamas and encouraging innocent bystanders to get elfed. In this context, “get elfed” seems to mean showing large quantities of enthusiasm for things like breast pumps and sliding down halls.

The entire Holderness family has picked up new hobbies – don’t worry they will tell you all about them – but making parody videos while dressed in matching pajamas still remains the group’s favorite pastime. Lucky us!

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