November 26, 2014 10:40 AM

The holidays have arrived! While it is the season for celebrating, caroling, overeating and lots of shopping, it is also one of the few times folks can exhibit pure, unadulterated emotion.

Don’t believe us? Just watch these kids unleash their gut reactions the moment they unwrap their Christmas bounty. There are tears. There are screams. There are weird body movements that can only be described as gleeful interpretive dancing.

As an adult, it’s a hilarious and somehow enviable spectacle. Watch the gift-inspired freak-outs below, and try to remember how emotional you get over that super pack of socks your mom buys you each year.

1. 11-Year-Old Can’t Contain Tears Over Justin Bieber Tickets

What you’re seeing is the moment every Belieber dreams of.

2. Toy T-Rex Leads to Evil Laugh

Don’t let this kid anywhere near Jurassic Park.

3. Pokémon Card Breakdown

Do you remember Pokémon cards? Because these two are never going to forget them.


The only problem with this gift – aside from house-training accidents – is that nothing will ever compare.

5. When You Gift a Boy a Book …

Not every unwrapping has a happy ending, especially when your annoying older sister won’t stop shaking her dumb puzzle in your face.

6. Nintendo Sixty Fooooooour!

A simple reminder why the N64 will always be the most cherished console in video game history. That’s not this writer’s opinion, it’s a fact.

7. Xbox 360 Celebration

Ok … maybe Xboxs are cool, too. Note: This console elicits a much more shrill reaction than the N64.

8. All the Harry Potter Your Heart Desires

Someone conjure up a DVD player, we’re sensing a movie marathon in the future.

9. Don’t Stop Believing

Sometimes the road to the happiest place on Earth is full of detours – and boxes.

10. Orange You Glad It’s a Banana

While these kids are getting fancy gizmos and gadgets, this tyke just needs a little produce in his life.

11. The Naughty List

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to add some tricks to the Christmas season. Much like his annual Halloween gag, where parents pretend to eat all the candy, Kimmel challenges parents to give their kids horrible Xmas gifts each year and film their reactions.

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