The singer's course on vocal performance is available now online

By Patrick Gomez
Updated May 09, 2016 01:00 PM
Courtesy Master Class

Emily Goglia grew up idolizing Christina Aguilera.

So when the young performer got the chance to sing Aguilera’s hit “Beautiful” for her idol, Goglia was understandably nervous.

“It was like singing ‘I Will Always Love You’ for Whitney Houston, to me,” Goglia tells PEOPLE. “My heart was pounding.”

But the 28-year-old wasn’t auditioning for the new season of The Voice. Goglia was one of three people selected as on-air students for Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass, a new online singing course.

Anyone is welcome to enroll in the course and watch the 23 video lessons, but Goglia considers herself lucky to have been personally taught by Aguilera.

“Walking into it, I didn’t know what to expect,” says Goglia, who was in the ensemble of Fox’s Grease: Live earlier this year. “But Christina was so down to earth and just talked to us as equals. That was really calming.”

Aguilera is known for her vocal acrobatics, so Goglia had planned on showing off as much as she could for the Grammy winner.

“She’d been looking at the ground when I started but when I did my first run, she looked up and made direct eye contact with me,” says Goglia. “I swear, it was like she turned her chair around on The Voice. It was so reassuring.”

Goglia recalls Aguilera saying she was “immediately drawn” to her, but wanted her to prioritize emotion over vocal runs.

“We talked about how she had a lot of discussions with [‘Beautiful’ writer] Linda Perry about putting licks and having vocal moments on every line and that’s not what the song is about,” says Goglia. “So she worked with me on simplifying it and she reacted to it really well.”

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Though her time with Aguilera is over, Goglia is grateful that she – and any other aspiring singer – can relive her voice lesson any time thanks to MasterClass.

“Christina has so much knowledge and has been doing this her whole life. So to hear her talk about and critique what I had just been singing was incredible,” says Goglia, who will perform her one-woman show Stages at 54 Below in New York City on May 13. “She’s so matter-of-fact. She’s great. Of course I wanted to learn what makes her sparkle and why she is as.”

Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass is available now at now.