The singer reveals how she and her husband stay romantic while she's on tour

By Lesley Messer
March 22, 2007 09:55 AM
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Christina Aguilera may be in the middle of a worldwide Back to Basics tour, but she says husband Jordan Bratman knows how to keep the romance alive despite the distance.

“He’ll fill my room with balloons and I won’t be expecting it,” she told PEOPLE Wednesday at a party in New York City for her Nylon magazine cover. “I’ll come in the room and there will be balloons everywhere and a card and my favorite chocolates all around – and I’m always sending cards when I can, just cute little love notes.”

It doesn’t stop there. “He always leaves Post-Its by my bed when I wake up in the morning telling me how much he loves me. All that gushy stuff, but it feels good. He’s the best,” Aguilera, 26, said of Bratman, 29, whom she wed in 2005 and calls her “best friend in the whole wide world.”

What else makes their marriage work? “Naked Sundays definitely keep it spicy! And we make sure that we always have fun together and keep it fun and sexy. We went to Disneyland with a couple of friends on Valentines Day, keeping it super fun and light. We go out to romantic dinners a lot. We always make key spots, dim, sexy spots. We do anything your average couple would do, but with an interesting twist.”

And while Aguilera says that she and Bratman “do plan on having a family,” don’t expect to hear pregnancy reports any time soon. “I do have a schedule for myself and goals I want to achieve, but it’s definitely on the list of things to do in the next few years,” she said. “We’ll have fun trying in the meantime!”

Bratman, a music exec, was on hand to support his wife Wednesday night at the Hotel Gansevoort, where other party guests included Eve, Lance Bass, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Amber Tamblyn, Alan Cumming, Joss Stone and Joel Madden – as well as Justin Timberlake, who arrived just after 1 a.m.

Aguilera and her onetime tourmate caught up for close to an hour before Timberlake headed out, telling her, “It’s good to see you.” With that, Aguilera wrapped her arm around Bratman and leaned her head on his shoulder at the end of a very long day.