Inside Christina Aguilera's Campaign Fundraiser for 'Fearless Fighter' Hillary Clinton

"She felt honored to host such a special night for Hillary," a source tells PEOPLE of Christina Aguilera

Photo: Courtesy Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera knows a “Fighter” when she sees one – and that’s exactly why she decided to host a campaign fundraiser for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton at her Beverly Hills home this past Wednesday.

“Christina has always been someone to support freedom of speech and encourage people that voting matters,” a source close to the singer tells PEOPLE. “When Hillary announced she was running, Christina and her immediately connected. Christina has been outspoken about having strong female role models and she feels Hillary is just that – fearless and a fighter.”

Aguilera and her producer fiancé, Matthew Rutler, hosted a “beautiful outdoor party” with a fall carnival theme and festive foods for the former secretary of state, reveals the source. “Christina didn’t want this to feel like a stuffy event but wanted people to really relax and feel at home and put the focus on Hillary first and foremost.”

The Voice judge, who has participated in multiple Rock the Vote campaigns over the years, introduced her guest of honor as “a tireless advocate for everyday Americans and their families.”

Aguilera later took the stage to perform with the band A Great Big World, as well as with songwriter Linda Perry, with whom she sang “Beautiful.”

This isn’t the first time Aguilera and Clinton have crossed paths. They first met at an event in 2012 where Aguilera was honored for her work as a UN World Food Programme Ambassador.

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“Since that time they have remained in contact and Christina has always told Hillary she had her support,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She felt honored to host such a special night for Hillary.”

“The night was a huge success for all who attended – a great group of people who came together with a common goal, all of whom were in awe of Hillary and her strength,” the source adds.

Aguilera’s admiration for Clinton is definitely mutual.

“Hillary told Christina that her song ‘Fighter’ really resonated with her and that when she hears it that it’s a strong reminder of what we can each do to make the world a better place and fight for a better future.”

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