Sources say Brinkley "never allows the kids to fly" on single-engine planes

By Sharon Cotliar and KC Baker
Updated October 11, 2008 04:20 PM
Credit: Lisa Mauceri/INF (2)

Christie Brinkley wanted Peter Cook to take their kids out of town to avoid having them see his TV interview about their failed marriage, but the embittered exes couldn’t even agree on a mode of transportation.

In the hours before his 20/20 interview aired Friday, Brinkley learned that Cook planned on taking the couple’s daughter Sailor, 10, and her brother, Jack, 13, out of town on a single-engine plane.

“Sailor called and said she was scared to get on a small plane,” a source close to Brinkley tells PEOPLE.

“Christie was really upset,” says the source, noting that the supermodel was once involved in a plane crash. “Given Christie’s past experience with single engine’s, she never allows the kids to fly with one engine.”

According to another well-placed source, Brinkley called the police to try and stop Cook. While the source notes there is nothing in the court records that specifically bars Cook from taking a single-engine plane, as the sole custodial parent, Brinkley has the right to make that decision.”

“It’s always been a family rule, which he has abided by,” says the source, adding, “[Peter] always chooses to make it a drama and make it difficult.”

However, a source close to Cook disputes this account, stating Brinkley was “trying to interfere with his time with the children, as usual.”

When Brinkley attempted to stop the takeoff, the source says Cook’s lawyer intervened since “there’s no stipulation that Peter cannot take them on an airplane.”

In fact, adds the source, Cook asked a friend to accompany them as a second pilot to keep the peace. “They left and had a wonderful flight.”