Under cross-examination, a psychiatrist recommends that the supermodel get therapy

July 08, 2008 12:40 PM

Day four of the Christie Brinkley-Peter Cook divorce trial began with more drama Tuesday when a court-appointed psychiatrist testified that Cook is a “narcissist” and recommended that Brinkley be awarded sole custody of the children.

Dr. Stephen Herman, a Manhattan psychiatrist who examined the divorcing couple and their children, confirmed that he wrote in his assessment of the family that Cook’s personality demands constant reassurance.

“While most people need some ‘feeding’ of their egos, Mr. Cook has an insatiable appetite,” he said in his report, as read aloud by one of Brinkley’s attorneys, Howard Roy.

Herman also answered “yes” when asked whether Cook’s affair with Diana Bianchi reflected “colossally bad judgment,” testifying that getting involved with her was a “major mistake and the beginning of the end of the family.”

The psychiatrist also confirmed that Cook told him he had approximately 35 sexual partners in his lifetime, and that he was unaware of Cook’s current girlfriend, Suzanne Shaw. He said exposing the children to a new girlfriend at this time shows more “bad judgment.”

Choice of Males Questioned

Under cross-examination, Herman testified that even though he believes Brinkley should received sole custody of their children, she should also include Cook in their lives – and recommended that the supermodel seek therapy if she’s not getting it already.

“I think she needs an outlet for her anger and feeling of betrayal,” he said. Additionally, therapy could help her examine the “choices of male figures to be involved with,” said Herman.

Still, Herman determined both Brinkley and Cook to be “superb parents,” confirming that he wrote in his report, “despite what happened, the children love their father and have a close bond with him.”

Although Herman repeatedly said Brinkley should be the primary parent, he did admit that some of her past behavior might not be the best example for her children. “One could raise her four marriages as not being a good model for her daughter to emulate,” he said.

But Brinkley looked confident on her way into court Tuesday morning – smiling and dressed in a powder blue knee-length dress and tan cardigan.

Responding to questions about how her children are doing, she said, “They’re great. They are away at camp and they’re enjoying themselves.”

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