Brinkley enjoyed a Caribbean wedding and vacation with her family

Credit: Courtesy Christie Brinkley

While everyone else prepares to pack on the Thanksgiving pounds, Christie Brinkley stripped down to a Bikini as she enjoyed some fun in the sun on vacation with family.

In photos she shared on Instagram, the model, 61, documents her exotic beach getaway, sharing enviable images of the surf, sand and her amazing physique.

“Snorkel Trip. We saw 4 tortoises, sea fans in purple and yellow, puffer fish, Dory and Nemo fish, schools of colorful fish, and some huge barracudas,” Brinkley captioned a photo of her daughter and friends. “One of whom chased Jack and me while snapping his Sharp jaw at us! Great undersea adventure!”

But the family’s vacation fun didn’t start until after they attended a friend’s wedding on Saturday. The former Sports Illustrated model shared photos from the ceremony and reception, highlighting the Caribbean nuptials.

In a post-wedding solo shot, Brinkley poses on a beach in a purple and blue striped bikini with cover up around her waist as she hold on to a wide brim hat – her beach bod on full display.

“So excited to make something special with the driftwood I just found (under my foot). I am wearing Neutrogens Wet Skin broad spectrum. An I always have a hat!!” Brinkley captioned the photo, providing fans with tips for how to achieve great skin, which fans can get more of in her new book “Timeless.”