Christie Brinkley: Why She's Not Scared of the Big 6-0

The supermodel reveals why she's actually been looking forward to turning 60 – and when she really feels the aches of aging


Hips don’t lie.

Christie Brinkley rises gingerly from the living room couch and stretches her body back and forth in her Bridgehampton, N.Y., home.

“I’m greasing the joints, trying to get them going,” she says with a slight groan. “I do feel old when my hips act up!”

Seconds later she brightens. “Once I get my hips moving, I can do anything,” says the still-stunning supermodel, who celebrates a milestone birthday Feb. 2. “I’m actually excited about turning 60. I feel such a surge of energy.”

She’s happy to close the book on the last decade. “My 50s weren’t easy,” she says. “I lost both my parents and went through a miserable divorce [from architect Peter Cook] while trying to be a pillar for my kids. But I made it through. Now I feel on top of my game.”

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