Sibling rivalry heats up for the Brinkleys

By Maria Coder
Updated July 03, 2015 11:00 AM
Credit: Sonia Moskowitz/Getty

Things have come to a head with the Brinkleys.

In a series of Facebook posts Christie Brinkley’s brother, Gregory Donald Brinkley, slams his famous sister over a memorial service for their late parents.

It seems Gregory Donald wanted to have a service on Thursday in the Hamptons village of Sag Harbor after Christie snubbed him from a service she held for them.

The siblings have had a complicated relationship over the years, with Gregory Donald accusing the model of withholding inheritance money from the estate of their late parents – stepdad Don and mom Marjorie.

In a vicious bulleted 14-point list on Facebook, Brinkley’s brother details all the ways she’s done him wrong.

Gregory Donald seems deeply hurt asking “WHY Christie changed in the 3 days after our Mother passed from being my friend and sharing confidence” to not returning calls and “destroying the Image of my character.” He also says Christie denied him his half of his parents ashes, and refused to believe “the truth” that he changed their parents nursing staff “only ON The DIRECT REQUEST of THEIR FINANCIAL MANAGER.”

The most recent catalyst for the brawl seems to be the memorial service, which Gregory Donald was allegedly told he was not invited to attend – or make that “threatened” not to attend in a supposedly stern message delivered through Christie’s daughter, via email from Christie’s personal assistant.

“Her daughter sent an email through Paul Mesher, Christie’s personal Assistant (Once the assistant for the Queen of England) threatening me that if I did not cancel our tickets to come to Sag Harbor to hold a Remembrance Ceremony for Mom and Dad, “I would be hearing from Her” as a threat. Sailor also made it clear that Sag Harbor was hers and Christie’s Territory and that New Mexico was mine! The Last I heard… Everyone in this country has a right to travel and enjoy every part of this country,” he wrote.

Christie responded to one of her brother’s Facebook posts, saying she and her brother have been estranged for years and this is a private matter. She also says she has honored her parents wishes in her own way. She concluded: “Today is my daughter, Sailor’s Birthday and we will celebrate this day as my parents would have wanted. This will be my only response to published reports on this topic.”

Not long after, Christie took to Facebook with a birthday message for her daughter: ” christiebrinkley The Mom#happybirthdaysailor,” she wrote.

Sailor Brinkley seems to have a mixed birthday celebration. On July 2 she took to Twitter, sharing pics of a birthday recap, which included a purse, “feminist” underwear, and a nod of thanks to her mom. “Happy birthday to me #thanksmom,” she wrote.

In posts, which since appear to have been deleted, RadarOnline reports that Sailor wrote: Just know not to trust a man who tries to ruin and create conflict on his 17 year old niece s birthday She also allegedly told her followers to block her uncle on social media. I don t trust him nor do i trust what he does or what he believes in, she said. I in no way want to be connected to him or his lifestyle

Gregory Donald replied on Friday. He posted yet another message on Facebook saying: “Of course I am saddened and feel utterly betrayed by the lies and distortions that Christie and now her too young daughter, my former friend… Sailor are spreading about me in the media… all because I came to Sag Harbor to honor our parents “