Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook Agree on Custody

The couple will help their kids with homework and keep them off commercial planes during red alerts

Photo: Splash News

After five hours of wrangling in a Long Island court on Monday, Christie Brinkley and estranged husband Peter Cook reached a temporary custody agreement over their son Jack, 11, and daughter Sailor, 8.

One of the main issues of contention: whether the kids should be allowed to fly on a commercial plane during a terrorist red alert.

Brinkley, 52, had requested that they be prohibited from flying on a commercial plane; in response, Cook, 47, demanded that they not be allowed to fly on a commercial or a private jet. But Brinkley claimed she’d needed to use a private jet last summer to take Jack to camp.

Judge Joseph Pastoressa quickly settled the dispute, saying the kids should be permitted to fly on a private jet. “It’s a whole different security issue,” he said. He also advised Brinkley and Cook to choose their battles more carefully – otherwise, “It will be counterproductive to both sides and counterproductive to the kids.”

The pair finally agreed to a temporary custody agreement, which includes a request from Brinkley that Cook help the kids with their homework.

Cook, when told of the request, remarked, “Does she do it or does the nanny do it?” (Brinkley and her attorney were not present at the time of his comment.)

The agreement is in effect until May 7, their next court date, Cook’s attorney, Norman Sheresky, said.

It was clear to courtroom observers that the couple are not on good terms. They never made eye contact, and Brinkley moved her chair so that her back was to Cook.

Judge Pastoressa, however, urged the couple to “keep the lines of communication open” and to avoid a trial over the children “at all costs.”

Brinkley, who announced her separation from Cook in July and filed for divorce in September, told reporters outside the courthouse, “I have been approached by many men and women going through (divorce) who have given me their support, and I appreciate it.”

Cook had no comment on the day’s negotiations. Sheresky told PEOPLE: “It’s going very slowly.”

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