The model and her ex Peter Cook are clashing again – this time over their son's passport

By Sharon Cotliar
October 08, 2009 05:25 PM
Credit: Lisa Mauceri/INF (2)

More than a year after their divorce was finalized following a nasty court battle, Christie Brinkley and her ex-husband Peter Cook are headed back to a court for another public showdown, even though Brinkley insists it’s the last thing she wants.

“She’s really upset and embarrassed that this is going back to court,” Amy Jacobs, a spokesperson for Brinkley, tells PEOPLE. “She absolutely did not want to go to court. Peter is literally dragging her to court. She had chosen to look the other way for quite some time when he violated the confidentiality agreement by talking to Barbara Walters and other media outlets.”

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But Steven Kuhn, an attorney for Cook, says he had “no other recourse” but to ask a judge to find Brinkley in contempt of court. Cook claims that Brinkley refused to turn over their 14-year-old son Jack’s passport in time for him to go on a class trip last November, even though a court order required her to hand it over in person.

“Mr. Cook never received the passport and Jack was unable to go on the class trip to Egypt,” says Kuhn. “Mr. Cook is very concerned that this kind of interference would continue in the future and interfere with his parenting.”

Peter Caronia, an attorney for Brinkley, says that Cook’s claim that Brinkely refused to turn over the passport is “without merit and wholly disingenuous.”

“Ms. Brinkley ran to her dearest friend’s side who had just lost her mother and made the passport available to Mr. Cook a few hours after the agreed upon delivery time,” says Caronia. “Mr. Cook refused to drive five to 10 minutes out of his way to pick the passport up from Ms. Brinkley’s residence.”

As a result, Caronia says, Brinkley made arrangements to have it delivered personally to Cook’s house. “Had he been at all reasonable and sympathetic to Ms Brinkley’s situation, the application he filed with the court would have been unnecessary,” the lawyer says.

Now both are asking a judge to find the other in contempt of court. A court date is set for Tuesday.