During cross-examination, the supermodel describes her split from Cook as "a nightmare of pure torture"

By Sharon Cotliar and Kathy Ehrich Dowd
Updated July 03, 2008 03:45 PM

Christie Brinkley stood her ground while facing tough questions from Peter Cook’s lawyer during cross-examination.

After her emotional testimony Thursday morning, Brinkley returned to the stand Thursday afternoon. Cook’s attorney Norman Sheresky kicked things off by asking why she “chose” to tell her story in open court.

“Sir, to relive this publicly is devastating … none of this is my choosing,” she tersely responded.

The supermodel also strongly refuted Sheresky’s claim that the trial could damage her children, saying she’s taking steps to shield them from the press. She said daughter Sailor, 10, is away at camp and son Jack, 13, is preparing to leave for camp this weekend.

“My children are safely away right now … there are no TV clickers in my home, no newspapers available,” she said. “The idea my children are adversely affected by this is false.”

When Sheresky somewhat sarcastically asked how she felt while tearfully testifying earlier about events that had happened in 2006 – implying that she should have worked past some of the pain by now – she replied, “It’s been two years – a nightmare of pure torture. It hasn’t stopped.”

Sheresky repeatedly asked Brinkley if she was angry and she responded, “It goes without saying. There’s a certain amount of anger.”