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The Batman star, known for his weight loss, goes in the other direction for his next film

March 22, 2013 08:45 AM

Christian Bale is known for losing weight for films roles. But this time, the Batman hunk has packed on a few lbs. to play a ’70s con man turned FBI guy in his next movie.

The Oscar winner, 39, was seen with greasy hair and a protruding belly on the Massachusetts set of the untitled film – quite a sight next to his gorgeous costar Amy Adams.

It’s a far cry from Bale’s more chiseled days as the Caped Crusader, and even farther from his roles in The Fighter and The Machinist, for which he lost dramatic amounts of weight.

For The Machinist, Bale lived on a diet of apples, coffee and cigarettes and lost a shocking 63 pounds – a full third of body weight.

In the upcoming David O. Russell film, Bale plays Melvin Weinberg, a con man turned FBI worker who directed the Abscam sting operation, which resulted in the conviction of several corrupt U.S. congressmen.

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