Repeat after me: You are Chrissy. I am Chrissy. We are all Chrissy


Repeat after me: You are Chrissy. I am Chrissy. We are all Chrissy. (You know, minus that whole supermodel/published author/John Legend‘s bae thing.) And from her thoughts on motherhood to the way she takes down the trolls of the world, here is why she is the only person who really gets us.

1. She has moments where she realizes she’s the only one making sense.

2. And from time to time, solicits medical advice from the Internet.

3. And let’s be honest, we all know we could be in the Olympics if we really tried.

4. She finds the humor in her stretch marks.

5. And after giving birth, knew it was her husband who needed a recovery.

6. She was perfectly honest about what that whole experience is really like.

7. She, too, is on the search for immediate gratification.

8. Sometimes, the odds just don’t work out in her favor.

9. This whole breast pump thing isn’t easy, and she won’t pretend it is.

10. She has days where she really just can’t even.

11. And she isn’t afraid to say it.

12. Her mind is filled with important questions.

13. She wonders about the things that we don’t talk about, but should.

14. And will do whatever it takes to get answers, without shame.

15. Babies can give her a tough time, too.

16. And so do the Internet trolls she deals with on a daily basis.

17. She finds joy in the simple things.

18. She just wants to feel loved.

19. But also really can’t deal with other people being ridiculous.

20. She gets that shaving is tough – she hates shaving.

21. She isn’t her most alert self all the time, but then again, who is?

22. She makes hilarious dad jokes.

23. She doesn’t always understand her own body.

24. She has her guilty pleasures, too.

25. She uses her time to do really important things.

26. But knows what’s worth the trouble, and what isn’t.

27. She doesn’t feel the need to be active on Sunday.

28. She has the same post-shower struggle we all do.

29. She’s not always in the mood to socialize.

30. She’ll take any big victory she can get.

31. She can be a little dramatic, as we all are sometimes.

32. She’s accepted the fact that she isn’t going to look pretty when she cries.

33. She’s not above feeling jealous.

Now that it’s been established that we’re the same person as Teigen, we’ll just be waiting here for someone to write a song about us. Any day now!