We're already looking forward to their future witty (and always loving) banter

As we’ve learned through the years, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the ultimate relationship goals. And while yes, they are adorable together and give us so much hope whenever we’re confronted with yet another insufferable Tinder date, our favorite Chrissy and John moments don’t really involve mushy, gushy anecdotes. Instead, we just can’t seem to get enough of their feel-good trolling — specifically when the Cravings author roasts her hubby for the world to see. Like we said, goals.

Below, we highlight a few of those moments. We’re already looking forward to their future witty (and always loving) banter.

When Chrissy re-discovered a favorite childhood toy — and discovered a few things about herself in the process:

There is truly nothing in this world that Teigen finds funnier than her husband’s passing resemblance to everyone’s favorite cartoon aardvark.

When she taught us all the important questions to ask in any marriage:

When Chrissy roasted John for going to the 2018 Billboard Music Awards a few days after welcoming their son, Miles.

When she called him out for stealing her phone chargers.

And took matters into her own hands by purchasing this gem of a charger:

When she wasn’t super into his birthday message for her.

“How about a hi-res,” the model wrote in the comments.

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When she made sure he remembered that he did not win an Oscar in 2017.

When she wasn’t mad about someone hacking his Twitter account.

When she responded to the viral meme of Arthur, who some folks say looks a lot like the singer.

When Chrissy’s plan to frame John for her murder taught us about #truelove.

When she wasn’t afraid to show how she really feels about John’s throwback look.

When she revealed she won’t be getting a divorce … in her own way.

When she wasn’t afraid to share her fantasy.

When Chrissy called John out after he bragged on Twitter.

When she was bummed about not getting recognition for John’s “All of Me” Grammy nods.

When John’s misspelled name tag brought her all the joy in the world.

When Chrissy revealed one of her many hobbies.

When she gave us an idea for how to get back at guys who are annoying AF.