This Is Us' winter finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC

Chrissy Metz‘s road to fame has certainly been winding, and the actress reveals that step number one was actually kind of an “accident.”

The This Is Us star shared the story of how she tagged along with a family member to a casting call but ended up stealing the show.

“My sister — we have different dads, she’s tall and thin — wanted to be a model,” she explained on Tuesday’s The Talk. The sisters went to a booking in her hometown of Gainesville, Florida, and Chrissy caught the eye of a talent scout who told her she should consider getting into the business. “I rolled my eyes,” recalled Metz, now 36, “and she was like, ‘No, really, there’s a reason you are here … you don’t belong in Gainesville.’ ”

Flash forward to 2016: “My sister didn’t model — she has a wonderful family, she’s on her third baby,” said Metz. “And here I am!”

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Metz has stood out on fall’s breakout series, playing one of three siblings who are all confronting the baggage of their upbringing and navigating their family’s complicated dynamics.

Metz told The Talk co-hosts that the response to her body-positive portrayal of her character Kate has “been insane. I can’t go anywhere without somebody stopping me, which is so wonderful. … It’s been so amazing to receive [love from] women and men of all ages.”

And as the freshman drama wraps up its first half, Metz warns viewers to brace for an emotional end. “It’s a very unexpected Christmas episode,” she teased. “You’re not ready for it. You’re going to need tissues. It’s so beautiful.”

This Is Us‘ winter finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC