They are the definition of relationship goals


When it comes to true love, few Hollywood couples can compete with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s majestic bond.

(Yep, we said it and we’re sticking to it.)

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and his supermodel wife — who’ve been together for a decade and are parents to adorable baby Luna (with baby no. 2 on the way) — have documented their many (relatable!) adventures and deep (read: RHONY) conversations on social media. This not only makes them that much more endearing, but also proves they’re more than just flawless red carpet fixtures.

Through the years, Chrissy and John have provided an ever-growing list of relationship milestones for only the coolest of couples to keep in mind.

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Are you and bae one of them? We rounded up a few of the pair’s most memorable moments, from the inevitable Real Housewives marathon to their penchant for making friends’ birthdays super special.

1. Bae Cooks for You When You’re Sick

The self-proclaimed sous chef (to Chrissy’s head chef) had no problem taking control in the kitchen when his leading lady was hit with those pregnancy aches and pains. “John making my jalapeño chip topped tuna casserole for Sunday dinner! Not feeling great,” she said. “Thank you for taking over the kitchen, papa!”

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2. Bae Surprises You at Work

John stopped by backstage at FABLife to hang with his model wife, despite his hectic schedule. All together now: Aww!

3. You & Bae Partake in Epic Real Housewives Marathons

The 2017 InStyle And Warner Bros. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

Chrissy and John have a lot of feelings when it comes to the Real Housewives. Proof? The two transformed into the “Real Housewives police” and filmed themselves watching the show while offering commentary on Snapchat. “How come every problem is solved by a girls’ trip of people that aren’t even friends with each other?” John asked in one of the clips. “People actually don’t confront people in real life like this. They just ignore them. You don’t have to confront people about everything. You don’t have to have a dinner with the person you hate.”

4. You & Bae Honor Your Favorite Fast Food Joint in the Coziest Way Possible

With KFC onesies, of course.

5. You & Bae Surprise Your Mutual Friend for Her Birthday

John singing the Vanderpump Rules theme song should be on all of our wish lists.

6. … And You Can’t Forget About the Nude Photoshoot

Because is it really your BFF’s special day if you’re not in your birthday suit?

7. You Can’t Help But Cheer for Bae

Bonus points if bae also gets to perform alongside Mariah Carey a.k.a. Mimi a.k.a. the Elusive Chanteuse.

8. Bae Convinces You to Ride a Roller Coaster Even Though You’re Breastfeeding

No regrets.

9. You & Bae Decide Interacting with People Is Too Much Work

Fast forward to an hours-long cuddle sesh with your puppy and laptops.

10. Bae Gifts You the Most Perfect Present

Nothing can compare to a wheel of cheese. NOTHING.

11. Bae Removes All Your Jewelry Because You’re Too Drunk to Do It Yourself

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“I’m on the floor and John’s in charge of taking my jewelry off for [stylist Monica Rose]. Take it off, John,” an inebriated Chrissy said in a Snapchat video following the 2017 Grammys. Chrissy continued to narrate the whole ordeal, explaining, “Okay, he’s taking it off … Ow!” In another video, the star asked her husband, “Are you mad at me?” He sweetly responded, “Why would I be mad at you? … You’re perfect.”

12. You & Bae Endlessly Tease Each Other

In a video posted to Twitter, the performer greeted a group of tourists, saying “Hey, guys!” as a Hollywood tour van passed his and Chrissy’s car on the road.

Yelling after the cheering tour participants, the model announced, “It’s John Legend! He won an Oscar — not this year, though.”

13. You & Bae Recite The Devil Wears Prada Quotes

Credit: Chrissy Teigen/SnapChat

Chrissy kicked off the couple’s tribute to the film by lying on the floor, holding the sash of a duster in her hand and deadpanning to the camera in her best Miranda Priestly impression: “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” As John walks into the room, sincerely asking what she’d like to eat for dinner, the model retorts while lying on the floor, “Can you even spell ‘Gabbana’?!”

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From there, the musician decided to get in on the movie homage as well, playing the role of the main character Andy Sachs’ boyfriend Nate and yelling, “In case you were wondering, the person whose calls you always take, that’s the relationship you’re in!” To which Chrissy replied confusedly, “Postmates?”

14. You Play Photographer for Bae

You know it’s love when your S.O. is more than willing to document your every move on your big night.

15. Bae Is More Than Willing to Help You Put on Your Spanx

Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat
Credit: Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat

Sometimes it’s best to admit you need bae’s help to wiggle into your Spanx leggings, and that’s okay!