February 22, 2005 08:25 AM

As Chris Rock attempted to put a lid on some of his earlier Oscar-bashing remarks, the lid was off the Oscar-night goody bag, whose secret contents are being spilled in various news reports.

Rock told Jay Leno on Monday’s Tonight Show that he really didn’t mean it when he declared that straight men don’t watch the Oscars. “I said only gay people watch the Tonys,” joked Rock, 39.

He went on to say: “The awards don’t really affect anybody’s lives in the crowd. Meanwhile, the Nobel Peace Prize, there’s no one there. Nobody cares what the scientists are wearing. What are you wearing Professor Allen? ‘Pants!’ ”

Be that as it may, Rock and other performers and presenters on the Academy Awards show Sunday night should make space in their limos for all the stash they’ll receive instead of money for their appearances. (Only Rock is paid by the Academy for his stint.)

Among the booty, as revealed by USA Today: $600 Kay Unger cashmere pajama bottoms; a complete $700 Krups kitchen set; several complimentary hotel and resort packages (from New York’s Carlyle, worth $2,300, to the Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina, $3,600); $600 worth of Shu Uemura cosmetics, including mink eyelashes; and a $540 assortment of Manni Oils’ extra virgin olive oil.

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