After 'Jurassic World' 's Gigantic Win, What's Next for Chris Pratt? ('Indiana Jones?' )

The in-demand actor has sequels in the works – and a few surprising possibilities

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Now that Chris Pratt is certified box office gold with Jurassic World raking in a record-breaking $511.8 million its opening weekend, he’s “without a doubt the hottest actor in town right now,” as a top Hollywood agent says.

So when will the former Parks and Recreation star next get to crack wise?

While Pratt, 35, doesn’t have any more movies set to come out in the immediate future, his schedule looks mighty full.

“I really want to take things one step at a time,” Pratt tells PEOPLE. “Career wise, I want to make sure I focus on making good on the commitments that I’ve made and the projects that I’m tackling. I don’t want to spread myself too thin and I don’t want to have too many irons in the fire.”

“I’m really just enjoying this ride with the understanding that they’ll throw me off at some point,” he says with a laugh. “It will most definitely happen, it always does.”

But before then, he’ll definitely make some bank. “Jurassic‘s success will absolutely raise his price moving forward,” says the agent, adding that Pratt’s success means he has joined the ranks of A-listers whose salaries include cut of their movies’ profits. “Jurassic was a different role for him. There was less of the goofy guy and more of the dramatic leading man role who can carry a film that large…. And he’s a nice guy. That’s priceless.”

With two successful action films under his belt, the star has some sequels to make.

The actor confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that he’s signed on for more movies in the Jurassic Park franchise, joking that Universal has him for “I think 38 movies or something.”

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There’s also the sequel to 2014’s box office hit Guardians of the Galaxy. Director James Gunn is writing the script, and Pratt is already clued in to the plotline for the 2017 movie. He’ll begin filming early next year.

“There’s this thing going around about how I cried after reading the draft,” the star told MTV News on June 6. “The truth is I cried just after hearing the pitch.”

As for standalone films, first up is the remake of the classic 1960 Western The Magnificent Seven, directed by Antoine Fuqua of Training Day fame, which is already in production. Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington are also confirmed for the cast. The movie began filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in May, according to the state’s film office.

Pratt will also star in the romantic space drama Passengers, possibly alongside Jennifer Lawrence, whom Sony is also trying to recruit, according to Variety. Pratt will begin filming in the fall.

The film is set on a futuristic spacecraft that’s traveling to a new planet with thousands of passengers on board. One of them (potentially Pratt) wakes up from a cryogenic sleep 90 years before the others, and decides to wake up another passenger rather than spend the decades alone.

Definitely not on his schedule? A role in a Ghostbusters remake starring Channing Tatum. Pratt shut down those rumors, telling GQ, “No one has ever even spoken to me about that. Never. I’ve even seen Channing a couple times. As far as I know, that’s complete bull—-.”

The actor also told GQ rumors of a Knight Rider remake are “bulls—.”

As for murmurs of an Indiana Jones reboot, Pratt has had very early talks, the agent source confirms. After Disney took over the rights to the franchise in December 2013, reports began to fly about Pratt’s role in any remakes. The actor told GQ that someone high up at Disney did mention it to him, but says he told the exec he already has too many action films on his plate.

Regardless, fans definitely want to see him as the adventurous college professor – and Pratt himself likes the idea.

“If that’s down the road, that would be cool,” he told U.K. talk show This Morning about picking up Harrison Ford’s iconic whip.

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