Chris Pratt Stays True to His Word, Visits Sick Kids in Boston with Chris Evans

Pratt dressed up as Star-Lord after he lost his Super Bowl bet to Evans

Photo: Brita Meng Outzen/Christopher's Haven

Chris Pratt made good on his Super Bowl bet with fellow Marvel superhero Chris Evans when he stopped by Christopher’s Haven in Boston on Friday to visit with sick children.

If you need a refresher, Star-Lord (Pratt) and Captain America (Evans), bet each other that their favored football team would take home the big win at the Super Bowl on Sunday. (Pratt, 35, was rooting for the Seattle Seahawks and Evans, 33, was cheering on his hometown team, the New England Patriots.)

Instead of betting money, the pair each agreed to visit a children’s charity of the other superhero’s choice if they lost their bet.

Well, we all know how Sunday went, so it should come as no surprise that Pratt popped up at Evans’s chosen charity, Christopher’s Haven, while dressed as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star-Lord, to entertain children who are undergoing cancer treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital.

He was, of course, joined by Evans, who opted to ditch his Captain America outfit and instead brought along a Patriots jersey with Pratt’s name for some additional good-natured gloating.

The super-Chrises also handed out gift bags featuring Marvel and Disney loot.

Christopher’s Haven is a charity that is close to Evans’s heart as he also made a special visit to the care center shortly after Christmas. Evans, who hails from nearby Sudbury, Massachusetts, has also raised money for Christopher’s Haven at charity events.

The bet isn’t over just yet – despite winning the wager, Evans has still promised to make a stop by Pratt’s favored organization, Seattle Children’s, sometime in the near future.

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