Selfies and Superheroes! Chris Pratt Visits an Atlanta Children's Hospital and Brightens Everyone's Day (as Usual)

Chris Pratt took a break from filming his latest movie to sign autographs and pass out toys

Photo: Courtesy Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Reason 267 to love Chris Pratt: He spends his spare time visiting children’s hospitals.

Pratt took time out of his busy schedule while filming Passengers to spend the day bonding with the patients and staff at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston on Saturday.

“He was so wonderful with the kids,” a spokesperson for CHOA tells PEOPLE. “He was so down to earth, taking the time to talk to all the patients.”

During his visit, Pratt passed out toys to the kids, signed a few autographs and of course, took a few silly-faced selfies.

Patients and family members quickly took to social media to share their pictures and memories of hanging out with the Jurassic World star. And Pratt made sure each child felt special that day, recording videos for those too sick to come down and meet the actor.

“My mom just got to meet @prattprattpratt sadly he couldn’t come up to my hospital room but his was pretty awesome,” a patient tweeted and shared a video in which Chris Pratt wishes him a speedy recovery.

Carlyn Turner, 8, developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis when she was just 5 years old, causing her to spend much of her childhood in and out of the hospital. And while it’s certainly taken a toll on Carlyn, meeting Pratt made at least one trip to the hospital a fun experience. This particular day had her “grinning from ear to ear.”

“She kept saying her sisters, Ava and Jillian, were going to be so jealous,” her mother, Jennifer, Turner tells PEOPLE. “She was grinning ear to ear. He told her she had beautiful eyes and they bonded over the fact that her birthday was just days apart from his son, Jack’s birthday.”

After posing for a picture and giving Carlyn a hug, he left her with a Jurassic World raptor toy and a warm feeling.

“She has not put down the toy since he gave it to her,” Jennifer says.

The Seacrest Foundation captured the day in a heartwarming video, showing the actor taking selfies, hugging and chatting with the patients and signing autographs.

Before leaving, Seacrest Studio interns got to interview the actor, asking him about how he got into acting and what it was like working with Jennifer Lawrence.

Before leaving, Pratt imparted some wise words to the kids.

“Believe in yourself and find that special thing about you that no one else has that makes you unique that no one else has,” he said.

“We’ll remember Chris Pratt’s visit for millions of years,” Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta posted to their Facebook page.

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