'Now I have less fun. I focus more,' Pratt says in the June issue of GQ

By Jessica Fecteau
May 18, 2015 04:45 PM
Peggy Sirota/GQ

Chris Pratt hasn’t always been the confident leading man.

The actor says there have been times when he’s felt invisible: “I’ve had those moments where I was like the guy holding the purse at events and people just looked right through me,” he tells GQ in its June issue, which hits newsstands May 26.

“And, you know, actors come up and just blatantly hit on my wife in front of me and don’t even look at me,” says Pratt, who is married to actress Anna Faris.

But now, Pratt can’t be ignored – Jurassic World, coming out June 12, makes his second summer blockbuster in a row. And it’s not just his career that he’s taking more seriously, but also his physique.

“I think outwardly I was having more fun,” Pratt says of when he was heavier. “I was more fun to be around, probably. That image that I was casting, to convince people that I was okay, was a really fun person to hang around. Now I have less fun. I focus more.”

Chris Pratt
Courtesy GQ

Pratt says Faris cooking for him is also a thing of the past.

“I was like a great pet fat guy,” Pratt says. “I think Anna is hedging her bets that one day I’ll be fat again, and she’ll say, ‘Remember, honey, I always told you I preferred you this way.’ ”

The idea of having more kids to join their son Jack, 2, is still unknown, but Pratt proves to still be a kid at heart himself. The 35-year-old says he sends pictures of his bathroom duties to friend and Parks and Recreation costar Nick Offerman.

“Not like every poop, but if it’s special enough,” Pratt says.