The Guardians of the Galaxy star says his summer off has been "really great and much needed"
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

There’s no place like home for Chris Pratt.

The in-demand actor recently spent more than a year on location shooting three major upcoming films (Passengers, The Magnificent Seven and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and unsurprisingly, he was very happy for a summer break to spend much-needed time with his family.

“It was 14 months on the road, so it’s nice not to have time to myself but to have time with my family,” Pratt, 37, told PEOPLE at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, where he made a panel appearance with his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cast. “It’s been really great and a very much a needed thing so we’re thrilled.”

Pratt, his wife Anna Faris, 39, and their son Jack, have been enjoying the great outdoors at their home in the San Juan Islands, Washington.

“We’re having just the best time,” he said. “We’re fishing, crabbing, having fires, sitting around having dinner together, it’s just been great, the dream summer that we’ve all been waiting for.”

When asked how he’s handling his in-demand, major movie star status, which includes promotional visits to events like Comic-Con and lengthy press tours, the Jurassic World actor says he takes it all in stride.

“This part is really grueling for a lot of people, I don’t find it to be super grueling. It’s kind of a natural fit for me, I really like talking about myself,” Pratt said with a laugh. “I was a door-to-door salesman for a long time, so walking into a roomful of strangers and talking about something I am enthusiastic about is a lot easier than walking into a room full of strangers and talking about something I don’t care about. Luckily I’m really enthusiastic about this movie [Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2] so it makes it really easy.”

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So which of his three upcoming films should we be most excited about?

“I think you should be equally excited about all three of them,” he said with a smile. “They’re all different and they’re all great.”

Pratt’s The Magnificent Seven hits theaters Sept. 23, Passengers, co-starring Jennifer Lawrence opens Dec. 21 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released May 5, 2017.