Everyone Wins When Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Settle Their Super Bowl Bet

Evans and Pratt will both be visiting each other's preferred children's hospital as their respective characters

Photo: Barry King/FilmMagic; Dave J Hogan/Getty

In case you missed it: Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a great Super Bowl bet. If Pratt’s Seahawks won, Evans had to visit a children’s hospital as Captain America, and if Evans’s Patriots came out on top, Pratt had to visit a Boston charity dressed as his Guardians of the Galaxy character Star-Lord.

As you’re probably aware, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. And the Super-Chrises ended up watching the game together – check out these game faces.

Things didn’t go Pratt’s way, but he was a gentleman about the whole thing.

And Evans responded in kind:

So it’s a happy ending for everyone! Including Anna Faris, who was partying with the Super-Chrises the whole time. What a great end to good-natured Marvel bet.

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