The feat took place just one day after he proposed to girlfriend Emily Summers

By Kristen Caires
May 28, 2015 01:50 PM

During a Luther College football game in 2010, Chris Norton made a tackle that changed his life forever.

The play left the college football player paralyzed from the neck down, with his doctors telling him he had just a 3 percent chance of ever walking again, according to

But Norton had different plans for himself.

Through perseverance, faith and the support of his family and girlfriend Emily Summers, Norton has incredibly begun to gain his mobility back.

His journey took an exhilarating turn this past weekend when Norton created a romantic proposal for Summers, complete with candles and photos of the couples – of course she said yes!

The very next day, the newly engaged couple walked together across the Luther College graduation stage to receive his diploma. Summers can be seen helping Norton to his feet as the crowd roared its approval.

“My graduation walk was what I considered my game day or Olympic event,” Norton told NBC News. “My full focus was to take the best steps I could possibly take and not worry about the audience or anything else.”

“So many people, including myself, fear failure, it’s human,” he also said. “But if you do everything in your power to accomplish your dreams, at the end of the day, you can be proud and happy with how far you’ve come. Good things will come your way.”