"Everyone in their life goes through challenges, whether it's love or money or kids or illness," the Coldplay frontman says

By Jackie Fields
April 26, 2014 08:35 PM
Credit: Kevin Kane/Wireimage

In his first interview since announcing his split with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin is speaking candidly about dealing with tough times.

“Everyone in their life goes through challenges, whether it’s love or money or kids or illness,” Martin says in a preview trailer promoting his sit-down with BBC Radio 1, airing Monday.

When asked if his new album, “Ghost Stories,” was about the “breakdown” of his 10-year marriage to Paltrow, 41, Martin was quick to clarify the couple’s relationship. “I wouldn’t use the word breakdown,” he says in the video. “This was more a realization about trying to grow up basically. Like I said, if you can’t open yourself up, you can’t appreciate the wonder inside. So you can be with someone very wonderful, but because of your own issues you cannot let that be celebrated in the right way.”

When the pair announced in a joint statement their "conscious uncoupling", they said they had been “working hard for well over a year” on their relationship. “I don’t want to go through life being scared of it,” Martin says. “Being scared of love, being scared of rejection, being scared of failure.”

But the 37-year-old frontman for Coldplay, which drops their new album Ghost Stories May 19, managed some lighthearted moments during the interview, as well.

Speaking of another Brit mega-band, Martin admits, “I’m saying One Direction are brilliant, I’m not kidding.”

Martin also recalls a schoolyard rumor, relieved that, unlike troubled pop star Justin Bieber‘s antics, his shenanigans stayed within the confines of his alma mater.

“Poor Justin Bieber,” Martin says, “that would be all over the Internet. But with me, luckily it was just a rumor around school for a couple of days.”